Power is a measure of a being’s capacity for manna storage and use. All living creatures possess at least some small amount of Power, and even some that are a little less than alive. Power determines one’s base manna as well as the extent to which one can increase their manna stores. It costs 10 + the new value to raise one’s Power. Ex. Morrist wishes to raise his Power from 5 to 6. This will cost 16 EXP (10 + 6 (the new value)).

Power is a rarely-used resource; though its use can often lead to powerful ends. Typical uses for Power include:

1) Binding one’s self to another being, typically some form of outsider (ELemental, Demon, or Ghost).

2) Granting minor sentience to an otherwise non-sentient creature. This includes the vast majority of animals, however, this is also the process that typically leads to the creation of beings such as Treants.

3) Binding a Calling Contract.

4) Making an illusion last particularly long (years, centuries, even permanently in some cases).

5) Binding and finishing the creation of some piece of artifice. THis is typically used by Seal Masters with grand designs and Alchemists who have stepped into the study of Living Alchemy. For the latter, this use is typically what adds the spark of life to a Humonculus.

6) A Power point may also be used to automatically regain one’s max manna. If this use of Power would reduce one’s max manna, the spender gains the pre-adjusted amount back but is bound by the new max thereafter.


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