A subsidiary of Destiny, Potential is a pool of points that are there to more practically help the player by giving bonus dice or offsetting penalties. While not as powerful as Destiny, Potential has the benefit of refilling with every session – or after a significant time break in the story. Players are encouraged to use their potential often throughout a session. Otherwise, they’re just not living up to it. Potential can be spent in 5 different ways:

1) on a 1:1 basis to add bonus dice to a pool. One point; one die.

2) on a 2:1 basis to offset penalties to your die pool. Because penalties take away your most important dice first (Master and Expert dice) the cost for negating a penalty is higher than the cost of gaining a bonus.

3) on a 1:1 basis to negate Shock damage from an incoming attack. This use of Potential cannot prevent killing damage in any way. I.e. if a weapon deal 2W Killing damage, this use of Potential is ineffective.

4) on a 2:1 basis to prevent Killing damage. 2 points of Potential; one point of Killing damage gone. Again, this is also useless if a weapon or attack only deals Shock damage.

5) on a 1:1 basis to add an additional Shock damage to an attack, or a 2:1 basis to add an additional Killing Damage – working in complete reverse of numbers 3 and 4.

Max Potential is always equal to your character’s Destiny.


World of Sharr Relon