Daltaran Confederacy

The Daltaran Confederacy arose from an unorganized group counts and dukes in response to the growing military strength of Espara and Midonia during the early waring years of the Second Age. The fiercely independent people that made up the Daltaran territory would not see themselves subsumed by foreign influence and so a treaty was drafted that would mean the collective use of force against outside invaders. Since the original 11 territories the number has grown and shrunk before finally stabalizing within the last century to 8. Of these 8, all but one can trace their origins back to one or more of the original 11. This one, know as Nolan’s March, is derived from a bandit gang turned mercenary company that proved itself with flying colors during the wars that broke out during The Hunts. Eventually, the leader of this company, Nolan Garemont, settled his company within the southeast of the Daltaran territories as a defensive force for his homeland and invested much of the vast fortune he had accumulated over the years into the land and infastructure. Today, Nolan’s March exists as a highly mechanized beuracracy where a complex system of rank and advancement within civil society decides the leadership.

The current listing of territories are as follows, from North to South and West to East:

Nolan’s March

Naming conventions: English with a hint of taking from Latin. Oddly spelled English also acceptable. Frequently replaces "e"s with "a"s as early vowels in name without changing the pronunciation.

Last names commonly have “mont” at the end. Kind of like a “son” last name.

Daltaran Confederacy

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