Church of the Daughter

The spiritual successor to the Church of the Mother, the Church of the Daughter cites its official founding as the year 2-189, the year in which church officials believe Myrian Praine – the original Daughter-Saint – took on her first apostle, Morlan Hostan.

Through the years the church has developed an odd working relationship with the world at large. Though its doctrines espouse some of the greatest ideals of acceptance, harmony, and service to one’s community, the Church of the Daughter has gone through periods of intense conflict with various populations. The most explicit examples of this are the Matron Wars and The Cleansing where the Templars of the church worked towards the eradication of the remaining adherents of The Church of the Mother and the unorganized magic users of the third age respectively.

Despite these rough patches of history, the Church of the Daughter is easily the most successful religion on the continent, even holding a large portion of direct power and control in Espara. Outside of this, the Church of the Daughter has spread its influence to every region in Sharr with Annaverr being the only nation in which the church does not have a strong and steady presence.

The official head of the church is a figure known as the Daughter-Saint. The Daughter-Saint is always a young girl, typically around the age of 15, and holds tenure as the leader of the church for life. The girls who become Daughter-Saints come from all over the continent, but they all share some key characteristics: they are all fatherless from before cognizance – whether through actual death or desertion, they are all from mothers of low standing, and they all claim to have a personal connection with The Mother who directly communicates with them. This last part is certainly the most difficult to determine, however the church’s Red Bishops have developed methods for determining the verity of this. The current Daughter-Saint is a 19 year old girl named Svana Leise from Gaslone in the Daltaran Confederacy.

The 4 major tenants of the Church of the Daughter are as follows:

1) The Mother is the great creator of all things. By her will alone can things be made.

2) The Mother is perfect in her love for her creations.

3) The Daughter-Saint is the physical medium between the Mother and this world, and her words are the Truth.

4) The Truth shall be the law and guide of your life.

Church of the Daughter

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