A long, slender country, Annaverr takes up much of the northern coastline of Sharr. A land of vast, roving plains giving way to desert in the west, many Annaverri make their living through the strong horsetrade in the region or by trekking into the desert for the spices and inscence that can only be found there.

In the past, the Annaverri have been known as harsh barbarians for their tendencies to harass and pillage from the regions that border them, particularly the fertile land in the center of Sharr in upper-Midonian and southern-Esparan territory. Today, the Annaverri work to repair relations with the regions that it has harmed in the past, but shrewd diplomats make sure that the trade deals that keep their people fed are bought through reminders of a bloody past. The common folk, however, are quite pleasant people and often very hospitable.

Annaverr is the only nation in Sharr in which the Church of the Daughter holds no influence. Though missionaries are regularly sent to preach the good of the Mother’s Child, the Annaverri are far too ingrained in their own belief system. The people of Annaverr instead give honor and worship to their anscestors, believing that the spirits of the dead watch over their families long after their own passing. All but the poorest of families mantain quality shrines or graveyards for their family, and even they have at least a well-kept scroll or book with a list of names, titles, and connections.

Annaverri men often grow large, but well-kept, beards. The style seen as a symbol of manliness and authority. They do not, however, decorate said beards with beads or ribbon or anything of the like save where it is necessary to either help guide or contain the growth.

Naming conventions: Middle Eastern sound.


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