As much a science as it is magic, Alchemy is the practice of manipulating and combining common materials to create some effect. As well, Alchemy is the oldest of the disciplines taught by the Wysers; its base principles having been learned, performed, and adapted since before The Unbinding. Even today Alchemists can still be found outside the ranks of the Wysers, and the science is still taught to an ever-increasing population. However, the Wysers add their own special touch to the skill. While normal Alchemy relies purely on the innate qualities of the substances used, Wysers infuse their creations with manna to strengthen the effects. Where a normal alchemist might be able to make a salve that slightly reduces the amount of time a wound takes to heal and lessens the visibility of the scar, a Wyser alchemist creates a balm capable of healing the wound in moments and leaving no visible sign that it ever existed.

Alchemy is capable of many things, and through some combination of ingredients or another an alchemist can mimic the effects of most magic disciplines. However, alchemy is by no means all inclusive. Disciplines such as Tear Walking and Fate Spinning, to name a couple, cannot be reproduced in any fashion through alchemy.

Alchemy’s greatest advantage is that it offers versatility beyond almost any other discipline, and is one of the only disciplines that offers the ability to heal and strengthen one’s body.

Unfortunately, the price of this versatility is that Alchemy is often time intensive and requires material components to create its effects.


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